Blind Date 1 – Über den Dächern Wiens (Director’s Cut)



Two people, two blindfolds. What consequences does this have for their sexual experience?

Blind Date shows a sexual experiment during which two people who have never met and do not know each other get physically close with eye masks on. Only after sex they see each other for the first time. Framed by interviews conducted before and after the act, the course of an encounter that could not be more exciting is shown.

Blind Date is a format by Arthouse Vienna and refers to the unusual question of how sexual experience is perceived as soon as the sense of sight disappears. The people involved, who will have sex with each other, have never seen each other before, have never spoken and know nothing about each other. Director Adrineh Simonian, however, adds a spicy detail to the situation: They will not be able to see each other during the sexual act either, as they will be blindfolded. Their experience is thus reduced to their hearing, sense of smell and sense of touch. How they deal with this is entirely up to them and their chemistry.




Nina, Christoph