Black Box

Blackbox is one of the three formats of Arthouse Vienna. It stands for an empty space, in which only the sexual expression of the performers finds room. The term White Cube refers to the white walls in museums or galleries, which are supposed to avoid any distraction from the artwork in as sterile an environment as possible. Nothing should disturb the sublimity of art or the enjoyment of art.

The black box is an answer to this, it wraps everything in darkness. The acting persons in the Blackbox format of Arthouse Vienna are not professional performers. No one is cast and there are no instructions for action. They are, so to speak, artists, as well as part of the work. There is nothing around the work - the work is everything. In the black box there is only the human being, the desire and the will to perform. As every human being develops his personality, every relationship shows its dynamics and every sex follows its own beat. With the black box, director Adrineh Simonian conveys these very own relationships of the human being to himself and to others.