Blind Date

BLIND DATE is a sexual experiment that puts two people in an unusual situation, exploring what consequences this has for their sexual experience. In the series Blind Date, director Adrineh Simonian from Arthouse Vienna consistently pursues the basic idea of a meeting between strangers. The people involved, who will eventually have sex with each other, have never seen each other before, have never spoken and know nothing about each other.
Adrineh adds yet another spicy detail to the situation: they will not be able to see each other during the sexual act. Both individuals are blindfolded, thereby depriving them of, culturally, the most important sense and reducing the experience to their sense of hearing, smell and touch. How they deal with this is solely the result of the chemistry between the participants and their own unique dynamics. They are questioned separately before and then immediately after the encounter, when they finally take off their masks.
This series is ultimately an experiment in the psychology of sex. Arthouse Vienna compares the expectations and thoughts of these people before the experiment with their experience and perception of this exceptional situation, revealing the development and result of this unique encounter.