Stage actors Mariah and Daniel act lovers every night, but the spark doesn't fly on stage. Their careers are decided at an important afternoon performance: Will they have a breakthrough, or will they fail? When Daniel tries to make big changes to the production, Mariah wonders if Daniel's suggestions are reasonable. Has he perhaps lost sight of the line between acting and character? In front of a live audience, they have to find out together on stage.

Matinée is an award-winning sexually explicit drama that aims to bridge the gap between art film and sex film. The film features Steven McAlistair (Scotland) and Alicia Whitsover (England) in their first ever explicit sex roles. It features an original musical score and diligent capture of the real sounds of sex. Intense and emotional, Matinée takes a new look at what erotic film can be.





Alicia Whitsover, Steven McAlistair, Teri Vakaki, Sandy Paulides, Sarah Taylor, Nicole Mischler, Thomas Lundy, Emma Stuart, Vlad van Riel