"Urban Smut - Episode 4: Passage



Episode No. 4 from the movie "Urban Smut: an erotic trip in five episodes" (Bundle of all 5 movies available under "Urban Smut")

Dim lights. Cold bricks. An echo of high heels walking on concrete. A young woman follows a stranger through dark corridors beneath the city. Giving her body into the hands of a Domme and her cat, she enters into a world of bittersweet suffering.


Director Jo Pollux:

“My brain is filled with fantasies of kink in a dark space. Sometimes, when I’m get- ting the mail, I imagine that I find a mysterious envelope: a letter from a stranger who invites me to follow her to a hidden place underground. There she receives willing bottoms, who dive into an unknown journey. 

Why not turn it into reality once in a while...?

I asked for the basement key and set up a shoot together with my performers. For one day, we turned the cellar into a space of obscure dreams and rituals.”




Miss Flora, Candy Flip, Cochon de Cauchemar