"Urban Smut" - Episode 3: Factory Floor 9



Episode No. 3 from the movie "Urban Smut: an erotic trip in five episodes" (Bundle of all 5 movies available under "Urban Smut")

Friday night means queer wrestling night! In an abandoned warehouse, the combatants collect bruises and bloody noses. When the two champions Salty and Finn enter the ring, things change: Quickly, the compe- tition turns into a violent flirt. Torn between sexual attraction and combativeness, the two fighters approach on another level. And even after the final whistle, it is clear that the two need some overtime to decide the match...


Director Theo Meow:

“Sweating bodies, heavy breath, scratches and bruises: For me, eroticism has al- ways been deeply connected with playful struggle and dispute. With WERKHALLE 9, I tried to capture a per- sonal fantasy of mine on film. For the main roles, I casted queer porn performers Salty and Finn Peaks, who are also enthusiastic about martial arts and erotic playfighting in their private lives. Together, we developed a detailed choreography where the sporty competition turns into a sexual encounter. Supported by 19 extras and 12 crew members, we turned the basement of an abandoned power plant into a movie set and put the idea into practice. Clear the ring for Salty and Finn!”




Salty, Finn Peaks