A Sex Worker’s Story



Experienced escort and porn performer Viktoria Vaar leads this story following a week in the life of a typical full-service sex worker: with all its variation, excitement, mundanity, and irritations, focusing on one very special client, who just gets everything right, in and (crucially) out of bed.

Shunning the typically sensationalized media accounts that obscure the nature of sex work in our collective consciousness, Thousand Faces here shows the day-to-day details of a job that can be both more and less interesting than other more ‘normal’ vocations, and how, when represented accurately, we can all find more in common with each other than we might think, sex workers and non-sex workers alike.


A Sex Worker's Story was an Official Selection of:

London Porn Film Festival 2019
Athens PornFilmFestival 2020
Porn Film Festival Vienna 2020





Viktoria Vaar, Rooster, Mark Kaye, Marcus Quillan